About Me

Life is a journey. A quest for knowledge and understanding. My journey began along time ago. I was born and raised in a remote area of Northern California. As I grew up it seemed common knowledge that people chose to live in the mountains to escape something. Later I learned that the thing that people were trying to escape was the “government”. This was a pretty common thought amongst the locals. So I grew up pretty much surrounded by an anti-government sentiment. I was also raised in a who’s who of organized religion. My Mom’s side of the family was from a Mormon background some practicing and some not, my Dad’s side of the family was Jehovah’s Witness to which my dad more or less tried his best to raise us (we did not celebrate any holidays) even though we never went to the Kingdom Hall once. Later on my Mom would drag us kids kicking and screaming to the local Christian church until we refused to go anymore. So this mixed bag of religion at a young age raised a lot more questions in my young developing mind than could be answered. I believe that this environment along with the attitude of my parents (they both lived in the mountains for a reason) helped me grow up with the idea to question everything. I was a nuisance in church and school because of the questions I would ask that either could not or would not be answered by my supposed peers. I quickly grew tired of both church and school and instead chose to find my own answers. In my adolescence I read whatever I could get my hands on. The library was my best friend for many years. What I found through the years is that the truth is extremely hard to come by. People are almost never willing to say that they “don’t know” and instead offer a theory based on their own point of view. I found and gathered tiny nuggets of what I believed to be the truth throughout the years and finally became completely unsatisfied at the lack of answers out there. In the early 90’s I had put my quest on hold and instead changed course. I began enjoying being a teenager and all of the sin that I could get away with. This quest it would seem at the time was a separate path, but as it turns out that the kinds of people you meet when you are partying hard are the kinds of people who are also looking for the truth. I saw a lot of craziness in those rebellious party fueled years and almost ended up giving up my quest for the truth because I could not find the answers I wanted. Now, I don’t want to sound melodramatic but it’s at this point that the thing that possibly saved my life and put me back on the right path was the birth of the Internet. I got my first computer in 1997 and have had one and an internet connection every since. As the web has matured and more people got connected the quality and quantity of information has improved dramatically. We are now able to gain insight to all points of views, the good, the bad and the ugly. Soon all facets of human knowledge will be quickly and easily accessible. So now we come back to the point of this About page. This site will help me organize and categorize all of my thoughts and others thoughts in regards to the truth. The ultimate truths about the world we live in and the world we think we live in. I will start by chronicling all of my recent findings on the web and then move on towards the future exploring these concepts and ideas. These will mainly be the alternative schools of thought about our past present and future. The sacred and esoteric knowledge that has been hiding in the minds of a select few and has been largely rejected by the main stream populace, but is now revealing itself for all who seek it out.



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