Ian Lungold

Ian Lungold

I was introduced to Ian Xel Lungold by my brother who had emailed me some links to a series of Ian’s videos on Google video. The entire series is about 6 hours long and I was having a hard time sitting down to watch them. After a few weeks of my brother asking me if I had watched them yet I finally sat down one evening and watched the entire series. I was extremely intrigued by what Ian had to say. I could tell by his mannerisms that this information was very important to him and that he enjoyed sharing it. In these videos Ian describes that with new knowledge we can start to interpret and put into context the ancient Mayan Calender like we never could before. He explains how the Mayan calender works and how our spiritual connection was lost when the Gregorian calender took over the world. He goes onto explain how the Mayans, through their calender had drawn a map over all of time showing the different stages of mans evolution of consciousness, and he walks us through the implications that the different stages of higher consciousness has had on our past and he speculates on mans future. Now as I am sure most people are aware, the Mayan calender ends in the year 2012, and it is this tiny little tid bit of information that made me interested in what Ian Lungold had to say. There is a lot more in these videos than I can articulate here. This was just a jumping off point for me in seeking out more information. This starting point ended up being a much bigger piece of the information to come than I anticipated.

For more information check out Ian’s website http://www.mayanmajix.com/


One Response to “Ian Lungold”

  1. Glenn Durkin Says:

    I am an astrologer living in Toronto Canada, and I find Ian’s work completely fascinating.

    Does anyone know what his birthday is ? including place and time ?

    Much appreciated..

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